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Company profile



TESCOM HELLAS company was established in August 2007 under the commercial label UPS INFORM HELLAS. Its initial share scheme involved the major shareholders of the company INFORM ELECTRONICS and executives of the Greek IT market with 20 years of experience in the field.

Today, and after 5 years of successful operation, the company turns the page.

It changes into S.A., TES TUM company enters the share scheme(which is also a production company of UPS, AVR, CHARGERS, STS with a more than 20 years of experience in the international market) and changes its label from UPS INFORM HELLAS Ltd. to TESCOM HELLAS S.A.

For the achievement of the objectives and vision, as described below, it was decided to significantly strengthen the capital of the company and its transfer to new modern facilities with a surface area 1600m2, which will serve the full commercial activity.


The above movements are as essential for the implementation of short-term and long-term goals of the company. The original design of the company was set up to promote reliable and qualitative solutions UPS, AVR and related products to meet all the safety regulations and suitability, and which in combination with the excellent technical support will offer on the market products and solutions that will not be undercut in nothing of the leading products of the market in their respective categories.

We believe that this objective has been substantially achieved, by selling more than 12,000 pieces on an annual basis, from all categories of products, but mainly by the classification of the company in the first positions of the respective distribution companies in this field.

It should be noted that all of the above have been achieved in a very bad economic environment, with enormous uncertainty and large contraction of the market. In this hostile environment it is very important the fact that both the new and the old shareholders of the company, recognizing the quality and the positive results, consider that there are opportunities at both local and international environment and they invest in new opportunities and possibilities for further development.


Today the company -and after its latest moves- promotes products of the companies TESCOM, INFORM ELECTRONICS, LANDE, CGB, ABLEREX, VOLTRONIC,SOROPOWER, EAST POWER covering a huge range such as UPS, AVR, INVERTERS, CHARGERS, SOLAR SYSTEMS, STATIC SWITCHES, BATTARIES, RACKS and generally systems related to the uninterrupted action.


Strategic choice of the company is to provide both reliable uninterruptible power solutions, tailored to the needs of the market and continuous technical support, and afterwards the supply and installation on nationwide level, at the level of employees and final customers if required.


Human capital

All of the above and what we plan to invest in the future could not be made without the contribution of the company’s staff. From the first moment the company invested and continues to invest in people with knowledge and vision, whose ways, knowledge and efforts will contribute effectively to the implementation of what we dream. Both the very first day with staff of 3 people and now that the staff has reached 15 people, we work all together to achieve our aims.

Important criterion in the selection of staff is knowledge and expertise, and this will result in 80% of the staff are either University’s or senior schools’ graduates and many of them hold postgraduates and doctoral degrees with relevant expertise.

Pre-sales & Technical Support

Significant part of the company, since its first day, was the integrated technical support of the offered products, covering repair & installation, and also the provision of integrated power solutions to our customers.

The services cover all the steps of support starting from the record of the customers’ needs, up to the full implementation and support after the installation (including the electrical installation).

Based on the above philosophy, our company has created a well-organized Pre-sales department and a Technical Service that successfully covers all of the above needs. Both departments consist of well-trained engineers, with the majority of the with University diplomas, Masters and PhD degrees, and with more than 20 years’ experience. Our staff’s education and skills and the adequate existing infrastructure (tools and materials), permits our company to cover any need or requirement of our customers, and offer the highest level of performance and reliability to the offered solutions and products.


Company profile


Vision both shareholders and our staff have is to create a healthy growing company, which will be led in a short period of time in the first positions of the Greek market and at the same time be expanded with constant and incremental steps to the European market. There have already been placed as first priorities the markets of Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus and the demanding market of Germany.

Our long-term vision provides for the creation of the first production unit or assembly UPS, AVR & Changer, which will allow us to become even more dynamic our presence in international market.


VisionCompany profile